Scheduled Time: Saturday, April 14, 2012 from 4:05–6:05 p.m.

Building/Room: Vancouver Convention Center, Floor First Level — West Ballroom B

Sponsor: Presidential Session

Co-sponsors: NCME and AERA Division C — Learning and Instruction

The Public Hearing on the Gordon Commission on the Future of Assessment in Education will take place during the 2012 AERA Annual Meeting. It will open with perspectives from the Gordon Commission presented by Edmund Gordon and James Pellegrino. Professor Gordon will discuss changing paradigms for education. Professor Pellegrino will comment on several of the issues that will inform the deliberations of the Gordon Commission. The Public Hearing will be moderated and discussed by Eva Baker, Ezekiel Dixon-Roman, Louis Gomez, and Andrew Ho. Other Commission members will be in attendance.

For this session participants are invited to submit and orally present briefs to the Gordon Commission for the following:

  1. in support of issues and perspectives to which presenters are recommending that the Commission attend
  2. in support of specific recommendations presenters choose to make to the Commission concerning future developments in educational assessment and measurement
  3. in support of visions and future developments in education and related capacities of educational measurement that are relevant for the anticipated future developments in education

Preference will be given to the inclusion of briefs that speak to the long term future of education practice and measurement rather than to the short term.

Participants who choose to present a brief to the Gordon Commission are asked to submit their statements following the instructions below. Statements received in advance and in writing will be given priority. Participants who choose to speak without prior submission are invited to register at the hearing and present briefs in writing immediately following their three minutes presentation. Time may be arranged for long statements upon request but no statement will be provided with more than six minutes for oral presentation.

A full description of the session is available.

Instructions On How To Submit Your Statement

  • Download the cover letter here.
  • Complete the cover letter.
  • Add the cover letter at the front of your statement.
  • Statements should be between 1,800 and 2,000 words.
  • Convert the cover letter and statement into a PDF file.
  • Send PDF file to: