Assessment in Education: Changing Paradigms and Shifting Epistemologies

Epistemology in Measurement: Paradigms and Practices — Part I. A Critical Perspective on the Sciences of Measurement
Authors: Ezekiel J. Dixon-Román and Kenneth J. Gergen
Abstract: This essay provides a critical and historical overview of the science of measurement. The authors situate this overview within the context of the new developments in measurement that promise to change assessment. View this paper

Epistemology in Measurement: Paradigms and Practices – Part II. Social Epistemology and the Pragmatics of Assessment
Authors: Kenneth J. Gergen and Ezekiel J. Dixon-Román
Abstract: This essay builds upon the foundation of Part I. of the series by exploring socio-cultural models of assessment and recommendations for its future. The authors make a case for assessments founded in social contexts, as opposed to "one size fits all" models. View this paper

PostModern Test Theory
Author: Robert J. Mislevy
Abstract: This essay explains the idea of "neopragmatic postmodernist test theory" and offers some thoughts about what changing notions concerning the nature of and meanings assigned to knowledge imply for educational assessment, present and future. View this paper

What Will It Mean to Be an Educated Person in Mid-21st Century?
Authors: Carl Bereiter and Marlene Scardamalia
Abstract: This paper comments on the ways in which the intellective demands on educated persons will change in the near future. Attention is called to issues related to knowledgeability and capacity for adaptability. The authors focus on this shift in the face of tremendous technological advances that continue to affect the field of education. View this paper

Toward an Understanding of Assessment as a Dynamic Component of Pedagogy
Authors: Eleanor Armour-Thomas and Edmund W. Gordon
Abstract: The authors of this paper explore a form of teaching that integrates assessment, curriculum, and instruction in the service of learning. They argue that assessment could be strengthened by its integration into pedagogy. View this paper

Preparing for the Future: What Educational Assessment Must Do
Author: Randy Elliot Bennett
Abstract: This essay explores the forms that summative and formative assessments will take and the competencies that they will measure in the future. The author proposes the core competencies that assessments must provide in order to continue to be relevant. View this paper

Changing Paradigms for Education: From Filling Buckets to Lighting Fires to Cultivation of Intellective Competence
Authors: E. Wyatt Gordon, Edmund W. Gordon, John Lawrence Aber, and David Berliner
Abstract: This essay provides an overview of the factors that promise to shift the ways in which we think about education and assessment in the future. The authors theorize about the ways that education will need to change in order to survive through these paradigm shifts. View this paper